Monday, November 13, 2017

The Importance of Warm Up Sets

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I am sure you know that prior to exercise you need to warm up.
But what is the correct way to warm up?
Is it stretching, jogging, should you just jump into the workout?
I can tell you for starters it isn't foam rolling.
In fact, just forget that all together unless you just truly like the pain it brings.
Warming up isn't just about "stretching out" to get read for your sets.
A warm up should have the goal of activating the muscles you are about to use and ensure that they are firing properly within a correct motor pattern.
If you are about to bench, you should warm up by practicing the bench.
Start with the bar.
Use very slow negatives and focus on your form the whole time.
Then press up slowly and SQUEEZE as hard as you can through the rep.
Start to add weight as a progress you feel comfortable and only warm up with 2-3 slow reps making sure you are contracting hard every time.
Keep the reps low so you don't tire out prior to working sets but make sure you are still feeling the muscles working.
You can watch some great YouTube workouts for shoulders where individuals explain their warm up prior to their working set.
Stretching before hand isn't going to benefit you to the same degree that activation exercises will.
It may feel good for the seconds you stretch, but when it comes to performance purposes just wait to stretch after a workout. 

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