Thursday, July 27, 2017

BeLive Probiotic Review

As an athlete I need my daily vitamins everyday. It's very important for me to make sure of that before I start my day. Not only am I an athlete, but also a competitor with a strict diet. I have no time to get sick from any stomach bugs or any digestive dysfunction. Competing has restricted me from any dairy intake so it's been a bit hard trying to find supplements that are dairy free. When I started reading on BeLive and noticed it was dairy free I was pretty excited because I knew it wouldn't affect me. On top of being dairy free it is also suitable for vegetarians, egg free, gluten free, nut free, soy free and no artificial colors or preservatives. Now where and how is this even possible. It's like a dream come true in a small bottle. My first impression on the gummies was "yummy." They taste just like gummies, but better. And although I must admit I almost wanted to eat the entire thing. It helped me keep my digestive on check especially with bloating. It was something I always looked forward to taking when I started incorporating the gummies into my daily vitamin intake.

BeLive Probiotic is an essential daily dietary supplement that promotes long-term and short-term benefits. It helps protect against toxins and stomach viruses, assists with the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins, and promotes healthier immune and digestive function. BeLive Probiotic has 2.5 billion CFU of probiotics per gummy, which is about three times more concentrated than many other probiotic brands. Their formula is designed to give you the ideal level of probiotics to help you maintain better overall health.

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