Monday, October 31, 2016

Basic Intro

I think this is my 3rd blog here on I recently decided to make a blogging page of my current life, what I've been up to and what holds in the future. If you don't already follow me on my IG or what we all call instagram (@diamond_love8) I think you're missing out on a whole lot of what I do as a hobby. My name is Valerie, 27 years old, law enforcement officer and I love to do a whole lot of things in life. I don't or should I say rarely watch televison, I love to read books, DIYs are so much fun, I am an NPC bikini competitor with Team Flawless (Flordia based) love love LOVE to bake, cooking is fun too, love to save money I mean the list goes on. I keep myself busy 90% of the time and you'll never see me show up late to any type of appointment. On this blog you'll see a lot of what I do. I enjoy helping people so I'll also post up different foods to help those who need help losing weight achieve their goal(s). I love reviewing things and you'll see that alot on here as well. Baking has my full attention at the moment don't mind if I tease you a bit with my baking photos. Living, Learning & Baking with Valerie will be a blog about me ofcourse. My life my learning experiences and my baking habits. Can't wait to share all that with you guys so keep an eye out for my next post.